appliance moving guide

Moving with Appliances

Moving appliances from one home to another requires expertise and coordination. A moving company will do all of the heavy lifting – the actual transporting of your appliances from your home to the moving van, and then from the moving van into your new home. However, the preparation of major appliances for moving is an important activity for you to schedule.

You can depend on your moving counselor for knowledge and experience in helping you prepare for your move. He or she will be happy to assist you, answer your questions and work closely with you to make your relocation as effortless as possible.

When planning the many important details of a move, be sure to properly prepare for the transportation of major appliances. Depending on the item, special precautions may be required. It’s your responsibility to take care of these preparations yourself, to hire an appropriate technician or to request that the moving company make the arrangements for you at an additional charge.

Servicing Appliances for Moving

Preparing Major Appliances for Moving

General Information about Moving Appliances