motorcycle shipping

Motorcycle Shipping

Your motorcycle is one of your most prized possessions. As such, your motorcycle requires special care during shipping to ensure that it arrives in good condition. As with all vehicles, shipping a motorcycle is subject to specific regulations that you should be aware of prior to your move. The information below details how to prepare for motorcycle for shipping.

Determine How You Want to Ship Your Motorcycle

When it comes to shipping motorcycles, there are several options available to ensure that they are loaded efficiently, and safely, in the moving truck alongside your household goods.  Most motorcycles are safe to ship just tied down by the moving truck’s side logistics. However, you may also choose to ship your motorcycle on a skid or in a special crate.

All of these options are safe, but a customized crate will provide maximum protection for your motorcycle during shipping. For this reason, you will likely pay a premium so you will need to consider the level of service you want, relative to your moving budget.

Protecting Your Motorcycle during Shipping

Most movers assume liability for motorcycles and offer different levels of valuation coverage.  It would be up to you to decide the level of coverage that you need. If you ship your motorcycle with Holman Moving as part of your household goods move, you will receive basic of valuation coverage of $.60/pound at no charge. You will be asked to pay a premium if your motorcycle requires additional coverage.

Take pictures of your motorcycle before shipping to document its condition.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Shipping

It’s important to prepare your motorcycle for shipping in order to minimize potential problems during the move. Unless you are shipping a non-operating motorcycle, it is important that you always check your fluids, battery charge and tire air pressure before shipping a motorcycle. 

If you have any fluid leakage problems, they should be fixed prior to shipping. If it can’t be fixed, make sure the moving company knows about it in advance so that that the motorcycle is loaded where the fluid won’t damage any of your household goods.

You will need to remove any bolted on accessories, including leather bags, mirrors, decals, etc.  If you have an E-Z pass device remove it before shipping.  Disable your motorcycle alarm to prevent it from going off by accident during shipping.

Finally, you can only have a quarter tank of gas or less in the motorcycle during shipping. If there is more gas in the tank, your moving company will not ship you motorcycle. 

Shipping Your Motorcycle

Once your motorcycle is prepared for shipping, you will need to bring it to your moving company’s location so that it can be placed on a shipping skid or be measured for a custom crate. If your motorcycle is not in working order, contact your moving company and other arrangements can be made. Once your motorcycle is crated or skidded, it is ready for shipping and will be included alongside your household goods.

Upon arrival at destination, your motorcycle can be unloaded at your new home. Your moving crew will remove the skid or break open the crate right on the truck before rolling it down to the street.

At Holman, we are experts in motorcycle shipping. Contact us for a free motorcycle shipping estimate at no obligation to you.