moving children and adjusting to your new home

Moving With Children:
Adjusting to Your New Home

You’ve successfully moved to your new place. Now as you sit amidst numerous boxes it finally sets in that you have a new home, in a new city, filled with new people. If you are feeling a bit anxious, it’s likely that your children are too. Don’t worry. Many things will sort themselves out naturally. Now is the time focus on adjusting the family to the new home by creating a sense of excitement, remaining positive, listening to concerns and letting everyone settle in at their own pace.

Adjusting To The New Home
We’ve compiled moving advice on adjusting to a new home from the actual experiences of moving families. Many of these suggestions occur naturally and without a great deal of effort, while others must be pre-planned to be successful.


  • Let the ties to old home and friends be loosened gradually. Settling into a new environment takes time for children. Each child will adjust at his own pace.
  • Be tolerant of disturbing symptoms if they occur and give your children the extra attention they need.
  • Take time out to answer your children’s questions or to go for a stroll around the new neighborhood.
  • Let your children pick out color schemes for their new rooms and arrange the furniture the way they want it.
  • Join a YMCA, club, church, temple, etc. to establish a sense of continuity from the old home to a new one.
  • Take the younger children to their new school along the route they will be using every day. Show them around the school and introduce them to their teacher before school starts. They will feel happier and more confident around a parent.
  • Encourage them to bring new friends home to visit, occasionally making it a family activity, such as a backyard BBQ or movie night.
  • Find a library, youth group or athletic activity that you children might be of interest to your children and get them enrolled.
  • Ask your neighbors for help.
  • Do things together as a family, taking into consideration everyone’s interests.

Young Adults

  • Learn your way around as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood.
  • Be willing to take the first step toward making new friends. Be pleasant to everyone because it will pay off later. Expect things to be different at your new school, but you don’t need to change your personality or outlook in order to fit in with the "cool" crowd. Keep an open mind and be yourself.
  • Join a school club, youth group, sport, etc. to meet people outside of the classroom.
  • Get involved in your school work quickly so that you have more leisure time to explore.

The most important step when moving with children is to enroll your child in school.

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