finding a new school for your child

Moving with Children:
Finding Your Child’s School

The most important thing to do when moving with children is to enroll them in their new school.

Since the majority of communities require that children attend school in their residential district, the selection of a home should take into account the quality of the area’s schools. What is needed, what is desired and what can be afforded are all part of the final decisions as to a new home and school.

Ways to Judge a School District

  • Appearance of facilities
  • Extent of the educational program, such as kindergarten, cooperative education and provisions for children with disabilities.
  • State and regional accreditation.
  • Teaching and administrative staff.
  • Curricula available.
  • Class size.
  • Provisions for text books, bus service, lunch programs and extracurricular activities.

Transferring School Records

Make school transfer arrangements as soon as possible to minimize interruption for your child. Placement in the new school might depend on records presented at the time of enrollment.

Notify the current school as to when your child will be leaving it and find out what transfer records are available. Helpful records include:


  • Transfer card and/or latest report card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Medical records.
  • List of textbooks used.
  • Grading method.
  • Statement from teacher describing your child’s achievement level, interests and need (if any) for improvement.


  • Transfer card or transcript of academic and medical records.
  • Description of courses taken.
  • List of textbooks used.
  • Grading methods.
  • Description of any special program participation.

Provide the new school with the name and address of the old one, together with the name of the person to contact for transcripts and records. Some schools require students to furnish transcripts of their records. To be on the safe side, try to obtain a copy of your child’s transcripts to take with you.

Other Considerations

  • Find out what students wear to school in the new community. There might be a dress code.
  • Find out if there are facilities for your child’s special hobby.

With planning, moving to a new school can be relatively easy. The sooner the school information is obtained and records transferred, the sooner your child can settled into the new community.

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