moving electronics

Moving Electronics

Your personal electronics represent a substantial investment. Naturally, you will want to safeguard your electronics from damage during the moving process. With careful planning and proper packing, you can easily protect your electronics for the move.

Before You Move
If you do not have an exact record of the cost of your computer and other electronics (including any accessories that go with it), you may want to obtain current retail costs of your electronics prior to selecting a valuation plan from your mover. If you want full coverage for your electronics, many moving companies, including Holman Moving, offer full-value coverage against loss or damage.

Packing Electronics for Moving
Moving companies are best qualified to pack your electronics. If you choose to pack your computer, television, etc. yourself, they should be placed in the original carton and packing material if possible. If you have discarded the original materials, choose a sturdy box with enough room for packing materials. Crumpled, un-printed newspaper, plastic bubble wrap and padded blankets are the best materials for packing electronics and can be purchased from your moving company.

When packing a computer, it’s important to know that the CPU be handled with extreme care. The unit, which houses the motherboard and disk drives, is sensitive to jarring during the move. Most new computers have safety features installed that ensure disk drives remain in place during moving.

Any disks and CDs that contain programming and stored data should be moved with you. Both are sensitive to heat and cold and warping could incur with the extreme temperatures that build up in the moving truck. As a precaution, you may choose to duplicate important files as backup. Place them in a different box or take them with you.

If you have a laser printer, remove the toner and any ink cartridges prior to moving. Take the cartridges with you during hot weather. For other types of printers, the printer head should be secured – preferably with the original cardboard or plastic parts – to prevent it from shifting. Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for preparations specific to your printer model.

Plasma and LCD Televisions
Most moving companies, including Holman, will not take plasma or flat panel TVs if they are not packed in a box or carton. That's why it is always a good idea to keep the original packaging of your TV. If you are packing yourself and do not have a box that will work, plasma and LCD televisions canbe packed with moving blankets in order to protect the screen. Lay out the moving blankets and place your television with the screen facing the ceiling in the middle of the blankets. It’s important to make sure that the screen is facing upward as the weight of the back television can damage the screen. Wrap the television with the blankets and secure it with strong tape so that the TV cannot slip out during moving.

When moving a plasma or LCD television, make sure that it is loaded vertically and far from any items with sharp objects or corners.

Electronics Delivery
When your mover delivers your electronics, carefully check and mark off the inventory. Allow your electronics, especially your computer, to reach room temperature before turning it on. If it has been particularly cold, watch for any condensation, as moisture can cause damage.

If you have any loss or damage, contact the destination agent of your moving company for assistance in preparing claims.

For any special questions or concerns about your electronics, contact the manufacturer. Otherwise, taking the proper precautions for moving with your electronics will head off damage in most cases.

At Holman, we are experts in moving electronics. Contact us for a free special moving services estimate and no obligation to you.