packing cds tapes records

How to Pack CD’s, Tapes and Records

  • Remove these items from the media cabinet. Keep in mind records are heavy and should be packed in small cartons.
  • If the records are not in jackets, wrap individually in tissue paper or plastic wrap to protect them from being scratched.
  • Stand CD’s, DVD’s, Blue-Ray disks and records on edge, never flat, on a layer of crushed paper. Support at both ends with large, hard-cover books or several piece of cardboard cut to fit. Top with another layer of crushed paper. Identify contents on the outside of the box and mark “FRAGILE.”
  • Cassette tapes should be places in the protective plastic box they came in, if possible, and then wrapped individually in crumpled paper. Place individual tapes either vertically or horizontally on a couple layers of crushed paper.