packing clothes

How to Pack Clothing

  • Clothing left on hangers and placed in wardrobe boxes used by moving companies will arrive at destination wrinkle free. You might want to purchase several of these special boxes from your moving company. One will hold about two feet of compressed clothing on hangers.
  • If wardrobe cartons are not used, each garment should be removed from its hanger, folded, and placed in a suitcase or box lined with paper. Some lightweight clothing – such as lingerie and sweaters – may be left in bureau drawers.
  • Hats may be left in hat boxes and places in a larger moving box. Or, stuff the crown of the each hat with crumpled tissue paper; wrap tissue loosely around the outside and place in a carton lined with clean paper, with the heavier hats at the bottom. Don’t pack anything else with hats. Label the box “FRAGILE.”
  • Footwear may be left in shoe boxes and placed in a large box. Or, wrap each shoe individually and then in pairs. Footwear should be cushioned to avoid damage to heels or shoes.
  • It is recommended that you take your furs with you rather than have them moved by the van.