packing lamps

How to Pack Lamps

Lamp Bases

  • After removing the light bulb and the lamp harp (the metal arm contraption surrounding the bulb), wrap the base, harp and bulb separately in newsprint. Place them together in a box, filling spaces with crushed paper. More than one well-cushioned lamp may be packed in a box.

Lamp Shades

  •  Never wrap lamp shades in newspaper.
  •  Carefully wrap lamp shared in three or four sheets of tissue paper, a pillowcase or a large, lightweight towel.
  • To allow for movement, use a sturdy box at least to inches larger all around than the largest shade. Line it with clean paper, using crushed paper under the lamp share to create a protective layer, but not around the shade. A small shade can be nested inside a larger one, if you are sure they will not touch. Only one silk shade should be placed in a carton to avoid stretching silk.
  • Do note pack other items with shades. Label the box “LAMP SHADES – FRAGILE.”
  • It’s best to have the moving company crate large Tiffany-type or other glass lamp shades or chandeliers.