considerations before packing yourself

Your Packing Responsibilities

If you decide to do the packing yourself, you automatically assume a major portion of the responsibility for your move’s success – including having everything properly packed and ready for loading when the van arrives. All the packing must be completed by the evening before moving day. Only the things that you will need that night and the next morning should be left for last-minute packing.

In addition, your packing will be expected to meet specific standards. This means complying with the principles of good packing outlined within our packing guide as well as following the suggestions for items to avoid packing.

Prior to loading the van, moving company personnel will inspect the cartons you have packed. If it is their opinion that items are improperly packed or cartons are susceptible to damage, the company may refuse to load the cartons until questionable items are re-packed by the moving company or removed from the shipment. Packing will incur an extra charge.